A unique observatory

For your next vacations in the country of Monts, do not miss the small stroll at the belvedere of Pey de la Blet at the Barre de Monts-Fromentine!

From the top of its 120 wooden steps, the Pey de la Blet lookout is built on top of a dune and reaches 25 meters. Overlooking the canopy of the state forest, the belvedere offers a dazzling view. From there, a bluffing panorama is offered under your eyes: the forest, the Vendean marsh, the ocean. And if you’re lucky, you may even see the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier in the distance!

Built in 1990, the lookout will soon be renovated with the installation of 60 additional steps and the construction of a new observatory above the trees for an even more exceptional view.

A viewpoint accessible by the lighthouse trail at Pey de la Blet

To get to the Pey de la Blet lookout, the best way is to take the path from the lighthouse to Pey de la Blet on foot or by bike. The trail starts at the lighthouse parking lot in Fromentine and makes a 6.5 km loop passing by the lookout. On foot, the hike lasts about 1h30.

This trail will take you to the lookout, but not only. First, you will discover the lighthouse, then you will go towards the bridge of Noirmoutier, to then pass by the paths in the dunes to finish by burying you in the semi-shaded paths of the pine forest, direction the belvedere.

For those who do the trail on foot, you can leave your car at the lighthouse parking lot. The parking lot is in a blue zone and is limited to 3 hours of parking. For those who go to the lookout by bike or car, there is a parking lot at the bottom of the lookout where you can park and then walk up the steps.

For a perfect day with family and friends, remember to bring a picnic! A picnic area with sanitary facilities will allow you to take a well-deserved break!